System Overview

How we help people age with dignity

As our population ages, a person’s desire to remain at home can present considerable challenges to caregivers looking to provide them with a safe and secure environment.

Currently, care providers and in-home patients typically rely on emergency response type systems to identify adverse situations. These systems include push-button style alerts designed around emergencies, when a harmful event has occurred, and an immediate response is required. If a non-emergency event occurs, such as a resident not taking their medications, or an individual is not eating, or if a push button is not nearby, these systems tend to be ineffective.

The GRTHealth solution addresses these limitations, by providing an open, scalable architecture that can be configured around an individual’s needs and expanded as those needs change. The goal is to allow an individual to ‘age in place’ with dignity.

System and Technology Overview

GRTHealth provides the ability for individuals to safely and securely ‘age in place’ in community settings, as an alternative to institutional care. The story, though, is not about the technology, but rather the capabilities that it provides in achieving GRTHealth’s goals.

Through its artificial intelligence capabilities, the system can learn an individual’s behaviour, and respond to their unique and changing needs, as well as identify when a caregiver’s response is needed. In selected cases, such as with COVID-19 patients, the system can be expanded to provide routine medical monitoring, including blood pressure, O2 saturation, respiration, heart rate and others, to ensure each individual’s on-going health.

By coupling these activities with 24/7 real-time monitoring, and the availability of virtual and hands-on care, GRTHealth can respond to each client’s current and on-going needs. Other components, such as in-home automated medication dispensing, ensure the GRTHealth solution can provide a comprehensive and holistic system tailored to each client’s unique needs.

The GRTHealth system provides a fully integrated and seamless service delivery platform based on a combination of hands-on and virtual care, coupled with 24/7 medical and non-medical remote monitoring.

The system utilizes advanced technology and artificial intelligence to learn an individual’s behaviors and assess when abnormal events occur to signal a caregiver’s response.

Monitoring non-medical events or ‘activities of daily living,’ the system can provide a secure environment in which clients can thrive and continue to live safely at home.